Business Website Tips

Do you waste hours of your time each day browsing the Internet? You do? Isn’t it frustrating when you have to dig through a company’s website for information that should be easy to find (like a phone number, for example). That’s why the following web design Springfield MO business website tips are so important.

Business Website Tips

Contact Information

What good is a well-built website if visitors don’t know how to contact you? If you want the user to call you, you’ll need to make sure you make the phone number as visible as possible (without being distracting). Be sure to give the user more than one way to contact you. Not everyone wants to pick up the phone (or write an email). Here’s a list of contact information you should include:

  1. Phone
  2. Email
  3. Address
  4. Social Media accounts (such as Facebook or Twitter

Don’t forget to give them an option to submit a comment or question via a contact form as well. This web design company really likes using the Gravity Forms plugin in WordPress for this purpose.

business website tips

Call to Action

A call to action encourages people to take action. While you don’t get to control whether they take action, you do get the opportunity to determine what the call to action is. Make sure it is clear, concise, and supportive of your overall business goals.

About Us

Don’t fail to include information about your business. Many businesses fail to do this. To some, this is a turn-off that leaves them wondering if the website is legitimate. Include the following in your About Us page:

  1. Information on the people that make up your company
  2. Your mission
  3. Company history

Most importantly, have fun with it. Let the personalities of your team shine through in personalized bios, for example.

Intuitive Navigation

Make sure that your navigation menu is topical and easy to use. Only include items in the main navigation menu that are essential. Using drop-down menus is great, but use of these menus is on the decline. Consider using breadcrumb navigation to make it easier for people to navigate your website.

Use these business website tips to make your site easier to use and “stickier” (as in people “stick around”) than ever. Come back later for more business website tips!

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